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10 New Ideas

By annie

According to the stupid fucker, I never write anymore.

You know how he can’t be right?

So, here it is.

One new thing I learned today, is that being a wantrepreneur is not being an entrepreneur. We get so wrapped up in our latest idea that we put all our eggs in that one idea working or not working.

How do we overcome this?

10 new ideas a day.

Good or bad get those ideas going.

But wait. I can have ideas all day long, and I do.

Turns out having ideas is not a solid business plan.


Start with 10 ideas.  Then have 10 ideas about those ideas. Eventually some will fall by the wayside. Some will rise to the top and make me the next Zuck.

Here’s what I am working on now.

Get coached on

Sign up now for my 50 Simple Habits

It’s just what it sounds like. 50 Simple Habits.

This plan will put you on the path of hacking your own health. Every day I give you a new habit. It starts simple. It starts slow. You add a new habit every day. I build in time to record and reflect. This isn’t the Biggest Loser. This is the rest of your life.

I’ve giving you 60 days of content for $30.00 which is a huge YOOOGE bargain. This is the same program I used previously as a health coach that helped many people lose weight over the course of my six month program.  Why am I giving you thousands of dollars worth of advice for $30.00? Because I am new to the online space. I need you all to provide feedback on the design and implementation of the program.

I’ll give you a heads up. This is a truly, couch to the rest of your life program. This is not a high intensity interval training. This is not “I can never eat chocolate again” program. This is for those of us who live in the real world and just want to get better.  Every day be better than you were yesterday.

I would truly appreciate you signing up for this, and letting me know what you think. is a great service that gives you lots of habit hacks. I’ve been coaching on that site for a few weeks now, and this is my first made for you program.

Like I said. Check it out. I truly appreciate it.

(The first week is up, I am currently working on the remaining seven weeks. If you have any questions, please let me know.) Use the link above because going through that link does give me a higher commission on the work.


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