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Happy Mothers Day, We Wish You Were Here

By annie

Happy Mother’s Day. 

Unfortunately we never got the chance to meet in person. My belief in God says that someday that will change. In the meantime, I hope you know that you are missed. Every day. 

While we never got to meet, I have gotten to know you through your son and grandchildren.  In his stories and their faces you live on. 

I am sad that you never got to know the man I do. He is amazing. After me, he is the smartest person I know. He loves his children with all the love that exists on this earth, and still has enough left for me. I’m guessing he got that from you. 

From me, thank you for him. Thank you for having him. Thank you for raising him. Thank you for showing me  just how important a mom is to her babies, now matter how old they get. Thank you for making a pot roast so amazing, mine will never compete, though I contest that I was never able to judge for myself. Thank you for making his childhood wonderful. 

It hurts that he’s had more time without you than he had with you. 
He didn’t get to watch you fall in love with his babies, or get annoyed with the fact that you kept them up too late. You were going to be that grandma. As you know, with him everything is a competition, you’d have loved those kids as much as he does. Minus one.  So he could win. 

If you thought he wasn’t going to need you anymore, you were wrong. He needed you to kick his ass when he was being a shitty husband, and he needed you to love him anyway when he couldn’t make it work. He wanted you to know him as a grown up. To show you that you did an amazing job, to see him be a dad. 

The boy you raised and the man I know have brought us together. In my head I imagine that you do see what you have missed. That there is a thin veil that separates this life and the next and that you are here. Please flood his heart with your love today. Mother’s Day is hard when your mom is gone and today he needs his mom. 

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