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2015 Pushup and Stuff Challenge

By annie

We all remember back in 2010 when I opened my big mouth on the Twitter and decided to do an insane number of pushups.  I think maybe 4 people to date have completed it.  Though I am very VERY happy that people still text me randomly and tell me they did pushups and thought of me. It makes me have feelings and stuff.

Things I loved about the 2011 Pushup challenge….

The results. Have you seen my back? It’s amazing. I was a little stud muffinette. I’m still muffin ish, if you count my food baby squishy love handles.

The routine. I know. Blasphemy in the history of annieology. I like new stuff. New, always. But, sometimes, there is no place like home, familiarity and knowing what you’re doing today.  Screen cap this because I will deny saying it.

Though, as per usual, I didn’t really think it through carefully.  I’m a jump in head first kind of girl. It’s benefited me at times and burned me at times. Turns out hundreds of pushups every other day is exhausting and not that healthy. As my numbers went up, my strength went down.  I gave up strength for getting it done.

So, I learned some things. And through the years, I’ve maintained my love for pushups.

I’ve fallen off the fitness wagon lately. I reacquired a RAD kid and the stress it has caused in my life coupled with years of underemployment have made me want to drink more, lie on my ass more, and hide from any sort of stimulation. WE ARE ALWAYS ON HIGH ALERT HERE and doing nothing always wins when I get a moment.

But, I missed my pushups, so I decided to revive the challenge. With tweaks.

Every month we start over. Every month we’ll do 1-31. I think less people will be scared away from that. As always. Do them anyway you can. Walls and counters work if you can’t get on the floor, or for days when you can’t. 1-31 every month.

That in itself will make you a sexy beast. Or your money back…

But, it’s kind of boring and annie doesn’t do boring.

so…. every month I’m going to add an exercise. Something along the lines of squats, or lunges, or planks or something.  December 31 will still be one heck of a workout, but it won’t take you all day this year.

For myself, I’m adding in a weekly food challenge. I’ve kind of gotten into some bad habits there too. This week I’m eating a spoonful of raw local honey every night.   Apparently raw local honey is supposed to help alleviate allergies, (yes please) and maintain a steady blood sugar level so your liver has enough energy to clean your body every night. Plus triptophan, melatonin, seratonin, all the sleepy time feel good things.  Plus B-Vitamins and on and on and on. Google it. It’s freakishly amazing.

I can tell you right now, some things will work. Some things will so not work and as you know, I am ok with things working out in a way that is less than perfect. I will not be doing 52 healthy food things every day at the end of the year, but if 10 0r 12 happen to stick, I will begin next year healthier and happier.  Just adding in the water I should be drinking every day will take up two whole months. Veggies will take another 2. Only 42ish ideas to go.

Right now my goal is to do 31 perfect on my toes, nose to the ground pushups on December 31. And I wouldn’t mind if 72 people texted me saying “damnit annie, I forgot to do my pushups and had to get out of bed because I couldn’t sleep without doing them.”

Don’t forget to take before pictures. Backs and arms. You don’t have to show anyone, but trust me, you’ll cherish them in about 4 months.

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