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Hi, I’m Annie. I’m that girl.

I’m that girl who decided that while having some perks like alcohol and sex, being a grown up kinda blows. Sure I work,  produce an income, pay taxes, and can pass myself off as an adult for extended periods of time. It’s just that I also tend to act my American shoe size, not my age.

I’m that girl who has a thing about shoes. Generally, I don’t wear them. If you aren’t displaying a “No shoes. No shirt. No service.” sign, it’s a pretty good bet I won’t be wearing them. I have 20 pair for occasions when I need service of some sort, but for the most part my feet are as God intended. Even when I run.

I’m that girl who runs barefoot. Yes, I do. Outside. Try it. Then get back to me.

I’m that girl who does handstands. Because they are awesome.

I’m that girl who has more tshirts than a frat house. What can I say. I love me a tshirt.

I’m that girl who sings and dances, not because I’m technically proficient at either of them, but because it makes me happy.

I’m that girl who is a pioneer, a trail blazer, a road less traveled traveler. This has often gotten me confused as that girl who starts things but never finishes. My life changed when I realized that the world would still be flat without me.

I’m that girl who, had I been born 500 years ago, would have been on the ships that went out to find the edge of the earth. I’m pretty sure I’d already have figured out the world was round, but would want to be there, just in case.

I’m that girl, who when it was decided that my role of wife and mother could be replaced with a couple of nannies and a housekeeper, decided that my couch was no place for me to recover. So, I decided the best place to be was on your couches, and that is how I spent my summer vacation 2012. Going from couch to couch across the country, doing ALL the things. ALL OF THEM. Well, I only made 40 states last year, but the only one I haven’t been to ever is Alaska.  I went places most people only read about. I met people who are amazing, and crazy, and sometimes famous. Strangers from the internet opened their hearts and their homes to me, they let me live their lives for a day or two to show me their corner of the world. This has made my world a smaller, bigger place. I can go anywhere and meet the best people in the world.

I’m that girl who is famous for pushups. In December 2010 I wondered on the Twitter, if I could do 1 pushup on January 1st and continue to add pushups daily until I got to December 31, then could I do 365? Turns out I could. Those who mocked me on 1/1/11 started doing pushups on 1/1/12 .

I’m that girl who is sick of fake. Sick of trying to behave and grow up and do everything the right way. This year has taught me that if you have a place to sleep (though most nights I don’t really know) and a meal to eat then you are better off than BILLIONS of others so wtf do you have to complain about? Be thankful for what you have. Love like there is no tomorrow. Be YOU and believe that that is enough.

I am finally to a place where I can honestly say “I love that girl”. She is amazing.


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Annie is all things awesome. Singer of songs, thinker of thoughts, runner of miles. When she isn't getting paid to kick ass as a personal trainer and health coach, she's looking for her keys.