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Spots and Idiotic Idioms

There is a spot on my leg. Had I made it as a fashion model, it would likely have been airbrushed away, ¬†attacked with creams, and potions, and lasers. There would be meetings about that spot. ¬†An imperfection on my otherwise alabaster skin. It’s a spot that had, for the most part, been overlooked. An […]

Titles are dumb

You know how when you go to a play and they set up a great story, and then beat it to death, then the lights come on and people leave? Well, turns out, if you leave then, you miss out on the happily ever after. Whatever. Several weeks ago Tech Support texted me. He needed […]

Be Still My Breaking Heart

When I was a girl, I didn’t dream of a wedding. I dreamt of a marriage. Or what I thought would be a fucking awesome marriage. I dreamt of vacations, fancy dinners, dressing up and staying home, dancing in the living room by the light of the Christmas tree. I wanted to marry a daddy […]

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