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I struggle with words. Words are helpful, but they are also limiting. I don’t see the world as limited. Yet I appreciate the need to limit. If I say “car” you know what I mean, but the chances that we are thinking of the same thing are infinitesimal. If I tell you my 10 year […]

Doors and Keys and Stories

This is a door that hangs on a castle in England.  It has a story.  It is weathered and worn.  It has character. This is not a story about that door. This is a story about my door. My actual door is boring.  It is exactly the same as every other door in this apartment […]


Thanksgiving last year…..360 some days ago. My marriage was over.  We just hadn’t called it yet.  I was down for the count. My daughter was home from far away.  She was 21, on her own since 18.  She was a grown up person, who didn’t need me. She was kind and sweet and dealt very […]

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Annie is all things awesome. Singer of songs, thinker of thoughts, runner of miles. When she isn't getting paid to kick ass as a personal trainer and health coach, she's looking for her keys.