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Her Name is Mama

Going through old post I ran across this one where I wondered how Mama would fit into our lives. This was five years ago. What I don’t say is that my two year old had just broken my heart. Back then I drove 3 hours, one way, twice a month to visit my littles mother.  […]

Words On A Paper

When I was growing up, I’d watch mysteries on tv.  The climax always happened in court.  They would swear to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”  and then get caught in a lie. I always wondered why “the truth” wasn’t enough. Unfortunately, I no longer wonder. The truth is only […]

Be Awesomer By Rocking The Boat

It’s okay to rock the boat if you know how to swim. I, by design, am a rule breaker. I test limits. I push envelopes. I rock boats. I take roads less traveled. I toss about cliches. Intellectually, I understand the need for rules. Just not so many of them. “Don’t surf during a hurricane” […]

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