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Fade the Freak

Last night I met new people. It is my favorite thing in the world. When I started on my road trip it was in part to meet new people, even though I thought it was to see new things. When I tell the stories of my road trip, the places are merely footnotes. It was […]

You, 2012, Are Dead to Me

The year of the Annie is over.  You have probably heard by now that I did NOT get elected President, even the electoral college couldn’t save me.  I am going to go back and count votes again, just to be sure, but it looks like I may have to find another job. #annie2012 will always […]

2013 Push Up Challenge

Tomorrow is January first, which means… A new year and a new push up challenge Me and my big mouth started this push up challenge on 1/1/11. I had no clue what I was doing. Things I’ve learned over the past two years of doing and moderating the push up challenge. It’s totally possible to […]

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