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Doors and Keys and Stories

By annie

This is a door that hangs on a castle in England.  It has a story.  It is weathered and worn.  It has character.

This is not a story about that door.

This is a story about my door.

My actual door is boring.  It is exactly the same as every other door in this apartment building.  It has no character.  Thus, my need to go to England for a picture of an interesting door.

I have never had my own door before.  I have always shared a door.  Always.

Until now.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

You have a key to my door.  You are welcomed to use that key whether I am here or not.

This is where a door, is more than a door.

You have a key that I gave you.  It was my way of telling you, “You are welcome here.  I want you here.  You have complete and total access here.  You can come and go as you please.”

It was never a key for just the door.

When I hear the key turn in the door, I hear you say

“Hey Baby, I am coming to be with you.”

“I am here to spend a part of my life with you.”

Every time you turn that key, it says to me that you are choosing to join me on my journey, not just for now, but for 508 years.  It says to me “You, Annie, are what I want my life to be.”

Everyone else has to knock.  To be invited.  To be buzzed in.

Not you.

I believe the best in everyone.  That is not to say I let everyone in.  It certainly does not mean that I give just anyone the key.

I hope that you realize that every time you turn that key that you are not just walking into my apartment again.  I hope that it means that you are choosing to be a part of my life.  That you understand that when that door opens, you are walking in to my everything.

It’s highly unlikely that you wax philosophical at my door each time.  Asking yourself if this is the road you want to be on, or if it’s just a detour.

I hope that you will keep it.  That you will fight to keep it.  But also, that you’ll know when to return it.

For you, it may simply be a key.

If it is.  Please don’t use it.

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Love. This.

You speaketh great truth with this one for sure…I mean, you always speaketh truth but this one kinda hits home!!


It’s scary and wonderful and oh so much more than a key. I love this. I’ve been here…and now we share a door. <3


goodness woman. you had me at hello. xoxo



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