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Health Coaching

What exactly is health coaching?

Health coaching, is like life coaching, only it relates solely to health.  Losing weight. Incorporating exercise into your day. Setting and achieving health related goals. Nutritional support for athletes.

So, do you tell me what to eat and what exercises I should do?

I provide information on diet and nutrition. I do not make diet plans. If you are interested in a certain broad spectrum diet such as Paleo, or Atkins, I can tell you the theories, benefits, and negatives associated with those diets, but if you are looking for an “eat an egg for breakfast, a burger for lunch, and a salad for dinner” plan, you need to consult a dietician.

I do offer personal training in addition to health coaching, but it is in addition to health coaching.

So, you don’t tell me what to eat, when to eat, what exercises I should do?  What exactly do you do?

I provide information. I help you define goals. I help pace you toward your goals so that you don’t burn out from going to hard or kick you in the rear if you need it. Last year my clients lost an average of 43 pounds. I can help you get unstuck.

OK, 43 pounds? Where do I sign up?

These people worked hard. Remember that. I can give you the information but you will be doing the work.

My Health Coaching site has more information. Fill out a contact form or a health history and I will contact you.



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