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I’m Grounded

By annie

Saturday I ran hills. Wonky hip was not happy with that decision and has been a pain in my ass since.

So, I went to see my doctor (who needs a blog name) and he grounded me. No running.

Three things. Choose the whine decibel you hear in your own head.

1. I have a half marathon in PHX on Sunday.
2. But I don’t wanna be grounded.
3. My hip really hurts.

Let it be known that I have ignored his doctors orders before. shhhh

Yes, I know he went to medical school. His letters do not make him the boss of me. I went to hippie school. I am in touch with my feelings and the universe.

If my feelings and the universe say its ok to run on Sunday, I will run on Sunday.

It’s not that I don’t value medical opinion or skill. If I ever get shot my doctor will be very important to me.

The rest of it can be skewed. Will I die if I run on a wonky hip? No. Will I risk further injury? Yes, but I risk injury every single day that my ass leaves the couch.

Starting with a wonky hip may increase the risk, but starting whole does not eliminate my risk of injury.

As much as I want to run, I am not an idiot. I understand that I could be out three months as opposed to three weeks.

This is also why I didn’t make a mileage goal for the year. We are ten days in, I have 5 miles under my belt and am grounded for the foreseeable future. This would be where my nerd brain tells me, that I’m already 50 miles short and I’ll never catch up ever especially of I lose another 75-100 miles. Give up!

One thing I’ve gotten a lot better at over the years is living for today. What gets me through today in a direction towards my goals. I want to run half’s and fulls and I want to do an Ironman. PHX is total BS against that goal, but it’s still a goal and I want to do it if I can.

That being said, if over the next five days you speak to a deity or feel the urge to lay hands on my ass, for heeling, feel free to do so.

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Awesome! I just got permission to touch your ass!


blog name for Dr. Hip: Fonzy. Get it? Hip… eeeehhhh!



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