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By annie

Blame it on dyslexia, or lack of sleep, or auto-correct, something, but a couple of months ago, I started saying Oh my dog, instead of OMG. Never really been a fan of the OMG. Religious reasons yes, but not the legalistic crap you’d expect.

Now, understand, I got kicked out of bible college so I’m not exactly an expert on the rules and stuff. Buuuut, when God said not to use his name in vain, I’m not exactly sure he meant OMG. What I think, and I’ll ask him at some point in eternity, is that he meant, don’t go around being a bunch of idiots in my name. Like saying you’re a Christian and picketing funerals because you think that’s what the good lord meant when he said love your neighbor. That being said, I just never liked saying it. Though, I was left with few suitable alternatives.

Until, a couple of weeks ago, and quite by accident, or auto-correct, I stumbled on my own use of OMD. Which, I instantly fell in love with.

My nine year olds didn’t really think it made much sense.

So, we had a little conversation.

“Mom, ‘oh my dog’ doesn’t even make any sense.”

“Well, how is it different than ‘oh my God’?”

“It just seems silly.”

It was a good conversation to have.

Now, parents will understand this, especially if you have say, three or more children. You can only hear “mom?” so many times in a day before you tune it out. I believe my limit is 50 “mom?”s.  If you use them up by 7:30 in the morning, well then, I’m sorry honey. Mom can only handle so much before she freakin loses it.

Of course, I’m not an all knowing, ever patient, Lord of all the universe. So, I have my limits. It’s good to know them. Does God, seeing over 7 billion people, or 15 teenaged girls, have a little more patience to listen to every single omg being thrown about? I’m guessing yes.

The other reason is that I’m screwing it up left and right every single day and I often wonder if he is just over it with me.  (the following thought is completely human perception and is in no way biblical) Is this OMG going to be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back?

I don’t want to wonder if tonight is going to be the night that I go in to where he’s going over his paperwork for the day, if he’s going to look up at me standing in the doorway and tell me to go to bed. So far, no. Each and every night, no matter how much past my bedtime, no matter how many times I’ve gotten up, no matter how many tantrums I’ve thrown today, no matter how many times I forgot to listen until it was way too late.  No matter what I’ve done today, he will still see me standing in the doorway, he will smile super big and I’ll jump into his lap and tell him 17 more stories about my day.  He will listen to every word and he will stroke my hair and tell me I’m pretty as he carries me back to my room.  I will cross my heart and promise to be a better daughter tomorrow. He will tell me that that is impossible. He will remind me that he made the moon and the stars. That he made me just the way I am.  That every mountain top that ever takes my breath away pales in comparison to the me that I am. I will go to sleep knowing in my heart that his love is strong enough to handle me. I will still promise myself that tomorrow, I will try harder. Even if it does seem silly.



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