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Push Up Challenge

What is the push up challenge?

  • The push up challenge started as an idea on Twitter.  If I started January 1 with 1 push up and continued to add one push up a day for the entire year, could I complete the year with 365?

Do you do push ups every day?

  • No.  I realized early on that doing hundreds of push ups every day at the end of the year would be both time consuming and exhausting.  There are others who liked this idea and wanted to see if they were up for the challenge. I, along with my team members do push ups on odd numbered days (on the Julian calendar). Becca was with me from the beginning.  She, along with her friends do push ups on even numbered days.  Megan joined us mid year to give the option to do push ups every third day to those who need a little more recovery time.

What exactly counts as a push up?

  • You can do a push up in any way the even closely resembles a push up.  When I started this endeavor I could only do three knee push ups.  As time has gone by I’ve been able to do push ups on my toes.  I’ve done lots of research on the matter and have learned that doing push ups on the wall more closely match the toe push up.  Wall push ups use the same muscles, doing them vertically takes some of the difficulty away.  I was not a believer until I tried them.  You can get a decent work out doing push ups on the wall or other elevated surface such as counter or table.  Any given day I do almost every variation I can think of.  Walls, tables, floor on my toes, knees.  My goal is to be able to do one armed toe push ups, or a hand stand push up.

Is it too late to start?

  • NO.  It is never too late to start.  As of this writing we are in the 170s.  You may not be able to start with 170 the first day.  Maybe you can only do one.  That is fine.  On day 201 we will begin our next push for new recruits.  You do not need to wait until then.  Do push ups every other day.  No need to keep up with other people.  Just do them.  Maybe one a day for a week then add another, or start with five.  The point is not perfection. The point is doing more than you were.  Doing more than you thought you could.  Many people joined us on day 100.  While Becca, myself and some others will end the year with 365 push ups, the 100 club will end with 265.  If you join day 200 you can end the year with 165.  That is still amazing.

How do you know how many to do?

  • Those of us who started at the beginning of the year follow the Julian calendar.  It tells us what day of the year we are on.  June 22 is day 173.  We did 173 on June 22.  Several people joined us on day 100.  On June 22 they did 73.  Joining on day 100 or 200 simply makes the math easier.  Although, we are not about perfection.  Join any time and keep track for yourself.  Or practice until the next 100 club push.  Even if you wait to join on day 300, you can still end the year with 65 push ups a day.  Your arms will look fabulous.

Yeah, this sounds great, but I don’t want to keep track of how many I should do.

  • We have a Facebook page where we update most days the day of the year.  For example, we’ll say “It’s day 175″ and you do 175 or 75 or, again…as many as you can.
  • We also have Twitter I tweet the number daily (ish) and we are working on an autobot that will mention you daily with the daily number.
  • These are also places where you can get support from other pushers.  Truly, I have many new friends from this.
  • Also on Twitter, you can follow the hashtag #2011pushupchallenge to see what others are doing.

I still don’t get it.

  • If the problem is you don’t understand why anyone would want to do this, I can’t help you.  I don’t know what motivates someone to do this.  For me it was somebody on Facebook always posting that he’d done 100 push ups.  Call it motivation or angst, either way, it got me off my butt.
  • If you want encouragement or personal attention feel free to email me my addy is me(at)annieology(dot)com

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