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By annie

I just spent an hour writing.


It was brilliant.


I hit publish…..


oops, seems there was a problem would you like to try that again?


What you missed…..

I am getting married…..

Probably not to my boyfriend.

I found a shoe I’m really fond of, probably won’t marry that because the great state of Texas has yet to realize that a woman CAN fall in love with a shoe for reals.

Plus, I was seriously offered a contractually obligated marriage that would last 10 years. With full benefits.


I got yet another job.

Which is good because for the past two weeks I’ve been placed with a company through the temp agency. I have missed two full days, been late three times, and had to leave early once.  Plus, I was beginning to look into elective gum surgery to avoid going to work.

It was bad, and I am a person who has lived in a house with 8 children at a time.  So, if I think it sucks. It way bad sucks.

So, I will have two part time jobs. One permanent direct hire, and the other through the temp agency, but they looooooove me, and once I hit my contractual obligation through the agency will be permanent as well.

Neither of those jobs offer benefits but it’s okay, I don’t believe in cancer so, I’m good.  Plus, obligation marriage….

Stupid fucker and I are going on our birthday trip finally.  I like him.  He’s going to be my discreet lover when I get married.


I was up for 22.5 hours yesterday because RAD is a hellacious bitch and I do have to go work retail tomorrow, so, I should sleep.


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