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The annieology Manifesto

By annie

Those in my inner circle know that last week kind of sucked for me. I was on a full time temp assignment that was straight from the bowels of hell.  By the time Thursday rolled around I was looking into elective gum surgery to avoid going there at all.  By Friday I decided that misery would have to pay more to get me to stay.

Today, I was back at work at a job that I love. One that is often times frustrating, but one that I really love.  I know that I’m making a difference every time I walk in the door. That’s really what I want from life. To affect it, as much as possible. Not only that, but to enjoy it. Through the struggles, and the frustrations, I want to know that I made a difference.

Several weeks ago, I made a life to do list. Basically, what would I do, if I could only do one thing.

I don’t know that it’s complete. In fact I just added another item to it.  We’ll call this yet another rough draft of the annieology manifesto.

Connect with my lover

This is important to me. I did not know this was important to me until I met the stupid fucker. Our relationship is an odd arrangement. It’s everything I have ever and never wanted. There is one thing that is absolutely the glue that binds us together. We connect. He is frustrating and selfish and doesn’t use all his words all the time and I get to point this out because it’s like I’m looking in a mirror, but when we come into the same room, we connect. Two and a half years later and I’m as giddy as the giddy school girl I was the day I met him.


I don’t know what it is about wandering, but I feel a million times better when I do. I love moving and thinking and over thinking and talking to the woodland creatures like they do in Disney princess movies, or homeless guys. I like wandering in nature, and cities. I like to wander alone and with friends, as long as they don’t always feel the need to talk.

Explore my physical self

I want to know what I am capable of. Can I do a handstand? Turns out yes. Can I do 365 pushups in a day? Also yes. Can I run a half marathon? As long as running equals wandering and we aren’t going for time. I don’t mind that I’m not the best runner in the world. I don’t even want to be better, I’m not really in a hurry. Maybe someday that will be a desire of mine, we can revisit it then.

Enjoy my kids

Oh my dog. I wish I could enjoy my kids all the time. When I enjoy them, it makes the whole world better. There are days I have to move from minute to minute. One day, I hope that I can look back and know I did a great work in their lives, even if the day to day is continues to be the struggle that it is.

Make somebody awesomer

Making people awesomer is fun. I think that there are parts of it that I’m really good at. I hate selling myself though. I don’t mind doing it for free. Three and 3/4 years ago, I inadvertently became a pushup guru. Yesterday, a co-worker told me she has been doing pushups for nearly a year thanks to me. It felt great that I had affected her life, but I felt even better for her because she was talking about the cute tops she could wear and she was all smiles. I loved it.

Write stories

If you ever want to know how things are going for me. Check the blog. If I’m not writing. Things aren’t going well. It’s a fact. Pretty much. I love telling stories. I love listening to people tell stories.  I love writing things down, and cringing as I hit publish. I love going back three years later and reading that cringe worthy story and thinking, “wow, whoever wrote this is amazing.” Back when I had the 16th funniest blog on the planet, I loved going places and being asked if I was annieology. I love that my stories have found my friends all over the world.

Go on adventures

This is where the stories happen people.  I love adventures. I pretty much plan my life around the next adventure. I want to see everything. I want to do everything. I want to meet amazing people and go on their adventures with them.  Just go do something fun and amazing. Your work will still be there when you come back.

Ok, this one is important…..

Wear only fancy shoes as little as possible

I love, love, love, love, love my Louboutin’s. They are the prettiest shoe ever.  I can walk miles in my Loubou’s, really, miles. Italy can make a shoe. I love my sparkly silver sandals, I love my grey Vann’s.  I love my Jesus shoes, and my Imelda Marcos collection of ballet flats. I love them. Though, you can pretty much bet I’m only wearing them if it is required by signage.

Prepare and/or eat amazing food

Food is amazing. I can still recall a meal I had six years ago. The smell, the texture, the taste. The whole experience was amazing. Last week, I had bacon with cotton candy.


I know that not every meal can be that amazing, but certainly more of them can be.

Laugh. Out loud.

Laughing is my favorite. I love laughing. I love hearing laughter. I love being the source of laughter. I overcame my extreme dislike of being tickled, thanks to the efforts of the stupid fucker to make me. He said tickling is supposed to be fun. It is.

Tell my people what they mean to me

This year has been a particularly grueling year for my hometown peer group.  Several people I went to high school with have died. People my age and younger having strokes and widow maker heart attacks. Car crashes, and motorcycle crashes and just life. I want to be able to skip the post-mortem Facebook post that says, “I never got the chance to tell you…..” I want to tell you now. I’m working on it. I want to remember this one most of all. There are a lot of important people in my life and I hope to let you know who you are.

learn something

There is nothing worse than ignorance. Not specifically, but globally. Ignorance on a single topic is actually a great thing if you aren’t ignorant about everything. It can inspire you to learn. Which, learning is something in encourage. Learn a skill. Learn a trick. Learn a fact, useless or otherwise. Learn something new about a friend. Just learn something new. Every single day.

Hunt Down Happiness

Happiness does not deliver. This isn’t Cinderella. It ain’t showing up with a fancy shoe. Go get your own shoe. Don’t pursue it. Go out there and kill it, drag it home. Grill it up and enjoy it. Every last little bit.

*cringes while I hit publish
**apologizes for formatting errors I wrote on multiple devices and didn’t feel like delaying it any further.

I will be back to add more to this.

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