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Tower Run Awesomerness

By annie

That’s where I was headed at sunrise this morning. Downtown to run up one of those buildings.

This one, to be exact.
48 floors of awesomerness.

Having only learned of this race three weeks ago, and having been out of town or sick since then, I could have skipped it. No time to train. I’m sick. Blah de blahdy blah.

No excuses.

Awesomerness does not accept excuses.

Keep in mind I work out regularly and do not really listen to doctors advice anyway. However, you are you and so don’t be stupid when attempting your own feats of awesome. (Disclaimed)

First off, I am always shocked at how MUCH people complain. Everything, how much the free food sucked, the temperature, the timeliness of the event, and the lack of their preferred flavor of Vitamin Water.

Really people. Can you never just fucking enjoy yourself. If you had something urgent to do, you probably should have prioritized that over a Tower Run. Whatever. STFU and just be happy for once.

My only goals for today was to be awesome, and to be safe. Having never climbed 48 flights of stairs in a row I figured I’d pace myself. Well, I’m completely rocked that stairwell and finished 34th overall female. Now, I kinda wished I hadn’t, but no regrets. Next year, I’ll have a frame of reference.

Training is a good thing. Training for specific events is a good thing. Not training isn’t an excuse. Your body is amazing. I think that your body can pretty much deliver on any request the mind makes of it. I fully believe I could complete a marathon untrained. It would just be a factor of how long it would take and how much it would hurt afterwards.

If only I could translate this attitude into other areas of my life where I’m lacking a bit of awesome. Taking chances still scares the fuck out of me. Yes, I know…. it’s silly, because I know how much I am capable of, how much I do. It’s just easier to sit out sometimes.

Just think about how awesome we could all be if we just told our minds to shut the fuck up every once in awhile.

So, in the words of my favorite jogglers, Bob and Trish, “live full, love truly”. Don’t sit out on your life. Jump in and be awesomer.

Even you Annie.

*i need to find me a shower, I kinda smell…..

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