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Hello, my name is Annie.  I love me some Twitter.

There are zillions of pages on how to use Twitter, my best analogy is that Twitter is a party.  You have to interact to have fun.  Whether you want to be the life of the party and interact with 1,000s or if you have 3 people huddled in a corner that you get to know really well, it doesn’t matter.  You won’t enjoy it if you are hanging by the bathroom watching everyone else.

I follow you, but you don’t follow me.  Why don’t you follow me?  I’m needy, don’t judge.

I check out most new followers.  If you have normal looking tweets in your timeline, it is very likely I will follow you.  Although I do miss some people.  If you want me to follow you and I’m not, just ask.  I probably will follow you.  Unless you protect your tweets.  If I can’t see your timeline, I don’t know if you are a porn spammer, a link pimp or just someone who doesn’t want the whole world to know their business.  If you are the former, you will likely unfollow me or be banned from Twitter in a couple of days time any way.  If you are the latter and want me to follow you, you will have to email me.


and tell me who you are and why I should follow you.  I’m easy like that.  You cannot simply try to interact with me, because even if you mention me, unless you have approved me to see your tweets, I will not even see mentions.  Another good way is to get a personal recommendation from a mutual friend.

While I would like to have 47,000 followers, I doubt it would be that fun for me anymore.  Currently I have between 1100-1200 followers and according to some third party assessor, I interact regularly with almost 900 of them.  I am not under the delusion that all of them are my friend, I do count many of them as friends.  People I would visit should my travels take me near them.  Yes, I have met people in real life that I met on Twitter.  Yes I have had people on Twitter visit me.  I am an interacter.

You should know I tweet a lot.  About nothing usually.  If that annoys you, feel free to unfollow me.  I don’t take it personally.  OK, that’s not true.  I usually cry a bit, but I get over it.

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Annie is all things awesome. Singer of songs, thinker of thoughts, runner of miles. When she isn't getting paid to kick ass as a personal trainer and health coach, she's looking for her keys.