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WWJD About Bruce Jenner

By annie

Even though the Bruce Jenner interview aired on Friday night, popular antagonist bloggers, especially those of the religious persuasion waited until the Monday morning commute to weigh in. No doubt spending the weekend in prayer and fasting over how we as the chosen, self published mouthpieces of God, can ride the coattails of a trending topic for more blog hits.  I am no exception.  I too want the popularity of a viral post, at the pain and expense of another human being.  Go me.  Aren’t I insightful? Also, please don’t be mad at me if you don’t agree with my choice of pronoun.  Pronoun usage and political correctness are not my goals here.

Is this sin? Is this psychosis? Is this a publicity stunt? Is she a man, or is he a woman? Which bathroom do you use? Oh. My. Dog. Who cares?  If you have seen the interview and got through the first five minutes without seeing the horrible pain this PERSON is in, you really have no heart or compassion for your fellow humans.  THAT pain is why this matters.  What caused that pain? Who knows. Whether it is biology, psychology, or theology it doesn’t matter.  What matters is the person that is hurting. 

Gender identity is easy for those of us whose insides match our outsides.  I’m a girl, my vagina tells me so. Have I ever wondered what it would be like to be a boy? Absolutely, just ask Freud.  Somehow, I don’t think it’s the same.

You writing on your blog that God hates people because of their earthly struggles is not only a lie, but a damn dirty one.  
Let’s just assume for one second that the worst thing you could ever do is change your gender.  Gender reassignment is not mentioned in the Bible, and since time does not exist in God land, let’s just assume he isn’t “shocked” that in 2015 there are people who are considering that very thing.  Maybe he forgot to mention it? Doubtful.  What he did say is that “ALL things work together for the good for those who love the Lord.” Bruce says he loves the Lord.  Surely God didn’t mean this to be one of those “ALL things” things.  Right? 
OrMaybe God gave all of us free will. He will not directly intervene in our free will.  Not that he can’t, but that he chooses not to.  Does this mean my free will gives me a free pass? Absolutely not, my free will, will at times run you over. My free will can kill you.  Literally shoot you dead in the street if I so desire.  God could intervene, but He doesn’t. He can, and I’m quite certain there are times He has.  But for the most part, he let’s us choose what we will choose. 
What I do know is that God told us not to judge. He told us to tend to the plank in our own eye, before we attempted to remove the speck in another. He commanded us to LOVE. Love God.  With all your heart. With all your soul. With all your mind.  Love your neighbor. AS yourself.  Maybe that is the problem.  Maybe we are loving our neighbors just as we do ourselves.  Maybe we spew hatred on others because we hate ourselves.  
We want to angry mob style, drag Bruce to the feet of God and say “What are you going to do with THIS?” the whole time piling up rocks we know we will stone him with the second God says it’s okay. It’s going to piss us off when God says “sure, go ahead. You who are without sin, go first.”  DAMN IT God, you know we have sin. This is not what our goal was here. We are trying to prove our righteousness by getting rid of the sinners here, and you go and you point out the fact that we all have sin. Thanks a lot.  Just trying to help.
 Search me, O God, and know my heart. 
Why do I care about what a person I will never meet is doing more than what I did today, and what I will do tomorrow?  Why do I think that my thoughts on the matter even matter? 

I have no answers obviously. My heart goes out to everyone who is struggling with their identity.  I think we all do to some extent.  We all struggle inside ourselves.  We see ourselves very differently than we perceive the world seeing us.  I am often accused of being authentic, yet I feel like the least authentic person I know.  Where you see a good mother, I see a barely adequate mom.  In my head I’m a ballerina, on the dance floor, I’m an elephant on ice skates.  Who you are, who you want to be, who the world sees, these things may not mesh.  Andre Agassi HATES tennis.  I see a great tennis player. Hating who you are, or what you do, brings pain.  While I may not understand your particular struggle, I can empathize that you do, just as I do, struggle with who you are.

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